Sign Jenny Davies’ petition against Overdevelopment in Burton Latimer

Local residents in Burton Latimer are becoming increasingly frustrated by overdevelopment – and many are asking: “Will the building ever stop?”
We all know that people need homes, but the needs of existing residents are too often an afterthought, and the homes that are built aren’t always affordable for local people.
Jenny Davies is campaigning for Burton Latimer Town Council to lobby hard to make sure infrastructure and services are built FIRST!
For example
● Burton Latimer’s doctors surgery needs extra capacity, having stopped taking new patients from Kettering.
● School numbers are increasing rapidly! Latimer Arts College needs to expand and developers must not be allowed to stall plans for new schools in Kettering East.
● Desborough, Rothwell, Finedon all have their own dentists – why not Burton Latimer?
● We’ve all suffered with traffic and parking. Burton’s roads need improving – and we need roundabouts that actually work!!
Jenny Davies said “Join my campaign to stop overdevelopment and give Burton the services it needs – sign the petition today!”

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I/We the undersigned call for Burton Latimer Town Council
to fight against overdevelopment and make sure Burton
has the infrastructure, services and roads it needs to thrive.

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